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Alkmaar's Cheese Market & Beautiful Haarlem
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June 19, 2009

Alkmaar is the city in the north of Netherlands and widely known as the place for traditional cheese market in the past.

The train station in Alkmaar, I continued by bus to go to the cheese market which only held every Friday in spring and summer.

When I arrived there at 10.30 am, the event was already begun and surrounded by so many tourists.

"Kaas meisjes" are ready to serve you the best cheese in the world :D

This is how they lift-up the cheeses to get weighing.

This lady couldn't wait to be lifted-up too...:P

Visiting the cheese museum.

Full of sale, branded store, really promising for shopaholics!

My journey headed to Haarlem, another beautiful city. I always remember Haarlem as the city of Daisy (a romantic Korean movie).

The secret garden in Haarlem, very interesting.

The groete kurk in het centrum.

Some random pictures I found in this city, cool :P

The unique shop, they sell vintage stuffs and beyond my imagination...I love it!

I really enjoy this journey. One thing I regret is that I couldn't find any open kebab store when I got hungry there :(


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