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My Review: 2009 MTV Movie Awards
in love
Maybe today is a big day for Twilight fans or Twilighters all over the world, because their most favorite movie won 5 out of 6 categories in MTV Movie Awards 2009. I'm not surprised of that glorious winning since I know how f**kin crazy the fans to make all-out voting every second chance.

I remember last year at MTV Video Music Awards 2008, Robert Pattinson and other casts was invited to promote Twilight. But their performance were very limited as Rob got his speech cut out by Russel Brand. And now, along the show we can see the handsome face of RPattz in every minute!

At the beginning of today's show, we introduced by the host Andy Samberg while he's doing a parody from the best movie nominees. Then he started to sing and I couldn't stop laughing while he's saying : "if you're playing Edward Cullen, raise your hand in the air"...and rob seemed a little bit confuse and looked over around.

The first winning award was the best fight, Rob & Cam got on stage. Funny thing, before the presenter said the winner's name, a girl spoke loud Rob's name. I love Rob's speech here when he gave a credit to his stunt double, Paul Darnell. And I couldn't take my eyes from these 3 hot men on the same stage....Rob, Cam, Shia

The second winning was the breakthrough performance male which undoubtfully went to RPattz. And he got up on stage again with a big smile. Rob made a joke: "I think it's little bit coming out of my pants right now" and the camera snapped on Kristen's cute smile. Rob even read a thankful list for fans, summit, stephenie meyer, catherine, other casts, and crew.

Third award and the most wanted action by all Twilighters was the best kiss. Again, Twilight beat the other movies. Rob & Kristen seated together when their name was called. Yeah, the awkwardness started since they got up from their seat. It's a kind of tradition for the best kiss winner to perform their ultimate kissing in front of audiences. Then, Rob said: "I need to remove my gum" (and I know it was fake, Rob). He rubbed his face and played his hand on hair (it's like a habit for him when got nervous). Kristen acted more awkward as Rob started to close his eyes and concentrate to kiss her. When their faces were hold closer (as I hold my breathe), then Kristen pulled her face and said "Thank you soooo much" to the audiences.
Whhhhhaaat.....WTF is that?!%#$
How could they make a fake kiss like that?
And later, Rob confessed that it was Kristen's idea.
This is the most B.E.T.E. moment of the year.....

The first trailer of New Moon also presented in this show. It's totally better than Twilight, as I compared the cinematography and make-up style. Taylor spoke more relax than Rob and Kristen on stage. But still, I adore this cuteness between R/K....

The fourth award was given to Kristen Stewart as the best female performance. Kristen couldn't hide her nervous moment as she dropped the gold popcorn while doing her speech.
And everybody could see how awkward she was on stage, but I did more concern to Rob who giggling all over his a** when he saw Kristen failed. Maybe Rob thought: "Hahaha...Kristen is getting more nervous than I am".

The last award and also the cumulative hollyness of MTV Movie Awards 2009 was Twilight as the best movie. All cast and Catherine thanked to the fans and Stephenie Meyer, as the creator of Twilight Saga.

I will never get bored to see this video...again & again :P

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